About the Summer Academy

Voksenåsen Summer Academy was held for the first time in 1997.

The course is for Music students on instruments within the classical music tradition, and primarily for youth ages 18 to 28.
From 2018 there will be a Summer Academy junior section open for younger students.

The academy consists of open master classes and individual coaching.

Participants are students, and younger professionals, from Sweden, Norway, the rest of Europe and from all over the world.

The aim is to give the participants highly qualitiative teaching, and musical inspiration.

The Summer Academy is continuously evolving, with the Norwegian Academy of Music as its main collaboration partner. There is also a close and inspired cooperation with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Dextra Musica, the Swedish – Norwegian Cooperation Fund and the Bergesen Foundation.

The Academy focuses on complex teaching, to help the students become better musicians. The teachers are amongst the best of their instrument, as teachers and/or performers.

The Artistic leaders of the Summer Academy is violinist Peter Herresthal, clarinetist Andreas Sundén and Mezzo-soprano Randi Stene.

The academy grants 3 ECTS from the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Voksenåsen – is Norways national gift to Sweden and both an hotel and a Centre for Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation Centre.

Voksenåsen – an atmosphere of its own