Andreas Borregaard

Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

Through an extensive career as soloist and chamber musician, Andreas Borregaard communicates the accordion’s fascinating qualities and palette of expressions to a wide audience. He collaborates with composers from all over Europe and is actively influencing the development of this young instrument’s use and repertoire. In 2013 Andreas Borregaard was awarded with the Danish Arts Council’s “Young Elite”-scholarship aimed to support the country’s most significant talents across all musical genres, and in 2017 the Danish Composers’ Society awarded him their “Music Prize” in recognition of his work. In 2001 he began his studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with professor James Crabb. After 5 years study he graduated with Bachelor and Master degrees, obtaining the highest possible marks in all subjects. He was then immediately admitted into the Soloist Class (advanced performance degree), graduating with an ofcial debut concert in spring 2010. Since 2010 Andreas Borregaard has been teaching accordion and chamber music at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and in 2017 he was appointed accordion lecturer at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where he is currently also a PhD fellow in artistic research („Just Do It! – exploring the musician’s use of bodily performance“ 2018-2021).