Ethical guidelines

Summer Academy Voksenåsen follows the same guidelines for ethical conduct in education as Norwegian universities and colleges. For an example, please visit Norwegian Academy of Music.

Sexual harassment
Voksenåsen Summer Academy operates with a zero tolerance against any kind of unwanted sexual attention or harassment. If you yourself experience, or if you are witness to, unwanted sexual attention or harassment, we want you to contact the on-duty staff immediately.

You can also contact the head of Voksenåsen Summer Academy,
Anna Floren – +47 416 95 189 or Voksenåsen’s CEO,
Maria af Klinteberg Herresthal – +47 900 10 546.

Alocohol policy
Voksenåsen is a hotel with a license to serve alcohol. As such, we follow the Norwegian national regulations on how to serve alcohol. We do not serve or allow students under the age of 18 to drink alcohol on any occasion. Regardless of age, we will not serve persons clearly under the influence of alcohol. Teachers and coordinators at the Summer Academy are encouraged to be good role models.