Lene Skomedal – Yoga for Musicians*

Lene Skomedal, Yoga Lene, is a professional hornplayer and yoga teacher that combines her two passions to create special yoga sessions to make life better for musicians. She has given personal sessions, workshops, classes and lectures for musicians in many professional orchestras, music academies, festivals and courses around the world, such as Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Dublin Brass Week, International Horn Symposium, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra among others. Learn easy yoga tools to get the maximum out of your air capacity and recover faster! Get the tools you need to feel focused, free and strong in both body and mind, so you can enjoy your playing even more and just BREATHE MUSIC! A Yoga Lene session always got options for all levels, injuries and moods.

*Lene will be teaching 2 days during the wind and voice course.